Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bible Studies Backstory: Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist

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Several years ago I began to seriously look at my spiritual walk. What was the main reason for my faith? Was it to go to heaven? Or to rid myself of guilt and remorse? Was to have an easy life? I realized that despite growing up in the church, my relationship with Jesus Christ felt shallow and two-dimensional. What did I actually know about him? Who was he to me?

As I considered this, I began to connect my professional life to these spiritual questions. I understand that as a psychologist it is my purpose to help clients achieve a greater sense of harmony within their community and within themselves. This usually is achieved through some form of emotional or psychological healing. I also know from my practical experience and clinical research that the most effective tool to achieve this goal is the therapeutic relationship. It has been consistently found that psychological healing occurs over time when a client feels unconditionally accepted and safe to discuss his or her most painful issues.

If human therapists can reasonably achieve the goal of emotional healing through the context of an accepting, supportive clinical relationship, then how much more success will Jesus have in bringing psychological healing to you and me. It was this inspiration that encouraged me to write these studies.

Each studies looks at six unique types of relationships Jesus has with each of us. The first study addresses roles therapists have with clients, but how Jesus uses these relationships to perfectly meet our needs. The second book addresses an additional six relationships that Jesus has with each of us, but that therapists cannot have with clients since clinicians are flawed human beings. Jesus loves us in such a way that we are not at risk of being used or hurt by him. He is the perfect and ultimate therapist!

Both studies provide a brief historical background and strong biblical bases for each type of relationship. They also include meditation exercises, psychological questions, and musical playlists to encourage you to approach the material in various ways. It is my hope that you will engage worshipfully and dynamically with each chapter. It is also my desire that you will know Jesus on a more intimate basis when you conclude both studies.

You can find paperback copies of these Bible studies at Amazon (Book 1 and Book 2). They also are now available as ebooks on my website. You can buy the books in their entirety or by the chapter. The chapters are available individually because each completely covers its topic and does not depend on previous chapters to develop a context or theme. The Introduction chapter of each ebook study is available for free.

This fall I will begin a new series looking at personality disorders. What are they? How do they affect relationships? If you are in a relationship with someone who is suffering from a personality disorder, how do you manage the interpersonal complexities and difficulties? These articles will begin September, 2011.
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